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Pool Reveals by Blizzzzardice
Pool Reveals
Alright a comic.

Anyway this was a perfect way to introduce some minor characters so anyway(again)  this introduces Athena (Pearl's cousin)

Pearl isn't fond of pools(body issues) but no matter anytime Athena is involved she gets dragged into. Athena herself however always tries to force romance so She tries to ship Pearl with an old crush, Zeus. This forces Pearl to activate natural awkward-crush mode and immediately tries to leave ironically dragging Athena
Soli Family bios by Blizzzzardice
Soli Family bios
The fourth set of original characters.. The Soli's the rich and annoying family

Kori Soli(father)- The very rough but caring father, Kori is considered the over bearing type of guy. He always bragging about his wealth and his well behaved children despite the obivous faults. He also considers him the best father(I kinda wrote him as a Gary-Sue) of his friends but again he a bit delusional

Ruby Soli(maiden name: Anderson)(Mother)-  The typical rich mother/wife, Ruby prefers her old fast paced life than her current momish life. She does however love to design and considering she has a large family, she often designs the clothing for her children and of course attends a online college for this hobby(let's just say she actually wants a career)

Sapphire Soli(first child)- The first child of the Soli's, Sapphire is a spoiled brat and she always was that way since.. maybe two. She is easily angered and of course gets easily sad( she is written like a typical film teenage girl). Just like her mother she has habit of designing clothing and even has notebook full of doodles.

Zeus Soli(second child)- Zeus is.. an interesting son. Hes a typical teen(wonders about his life, daydreams of sex, and other nsfw things) and his personality shows this. He's awkward and often stutters near any female that crosses his path. He also is a gamer and usually the one to know all the cheat codes. I like to consider him the ooposite of his father.

Xander Soli( final child)- The  "thinks too high about himself" guy. Xander is spoiled, greedy, and worse of all a massive perv. He finds ways to annoy his family and others and usually assumes thats humerous. He also believes that he's extremely tough but really he ain't shit y'all

Juno Anderson(cousin)- Juno, the daughter of Ruby's sister  Juno lives with the Soli's until her mother can get this mid-life crisis type of problem of the system. Anyways she isn't like the others, she has a hidden depression and refuses to tell anyone but can fake a smile. She is also a slight bitch at times but she usually forgets why she gets angry.

Hiro Soli(adoptive son)- Hiro is an interesting member of the family. He's polite and doesn't speak to often. He is also is kinda afraid of trust but after what his family did you would understand. He as a side note calls people Mr./Ms. for no reason and of course find this charming
Fiend Family bios by Blizzzzardice
Fiend Family bios
Third set of original characters. so long story short, I extremely procrastinate when it comes to family bios heh heh stop.

Raven Fiend(father)- Raven isn't a good father. He's lazy, drinks heavily, smokes and usually denys the existence of his children. But the time he  does remembers them, hes just an okay dad. His vision also isn't good which causes havoc from his family. He also suffers anger issues which he claims are getting better.

Hades Fiend(mother)- A demon from another dimension, Hades is considered the opposite of Raven. She doesn't get angry as much and seems to love her inter-species babies. Along with her personality, shes apparently a really good cook( which she uses magic for anyway) and is the member of the family who has a job.

Toko Fiend(twin brother of Tofo)- Toko along with Tofo are the first Demi-demon children. He dislikes all of humanity and curses his father for procreating with his mother. Toko has a tendency to use more complex words and act aggeresive towards others .

Tofo Fiend(twin sister of Toko)- The complete opposite of Toko. She loves humanity and unlike Toko enjoys her half human side. She also has a better control of her demonic powers. she also crazy over dating and thankfully her bisexuality opens many options.

Ambiguous Fiend(third child)- Ambiguous or Ambi has been a confusing for his family and her friends. Ambi was born with the abilities to swap genders at will( Ambi is basically gender-fluid) and unlike stereotypical stories Ambi is okay with this. He also dresses sharply similar to her mother. Ambi is usually the voice of reason in her family.

Adramalech Fiend(final child)-The youngest child of the Fiend family, Adra is a complete genetics mix. His four eyes and purple are obivous traits of his mother and the hair and physical features are def from his father. His only powers currently consist of duplicaton ( which he claims are horrible) and learned mostly how to used them on his own.
And now bringing you an odd thing... Commissions!

Now the prices aren't selected yet but they are going to be cheap. so stay tuned for more info on that
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Blizzzzardice's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hey there! My name is Jason or Blizz whatever you feel like calling me.

Anyway here nearly everything about my style since it's a bio ya know.

I'm a Hispanic pen and pencil type artist. I love making fan art and really love making fan characters and hell I love making original characters. since my depart of Deviantart for a good while since I was going through depression and personal problems. So enjoy my weird maybe funny art.

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quick sketches

After request is accepted these will be made first and quick
Regular drawings
Rosie's first step by Blizzzzardice
Basic drawings that are easy to make within the week

2 characters are included in the picture if wanted

Add extra character-+ 100 points per character.
Family bios
Hottenmeyer family bios by Blizzzzardice
Hori-Soli Family bio by Blizzzzardice
Fiend Family bios by Blizzzzardice
Any drawings of your OCs and their families

Bios must included for me to write so keep that in mind when buying this...heh.. just an fyi
Pool Reveals by Blizzzzardice
Long dialogue based comic strips
NSFW Drawings
Lewds that are kind awkward to draw

*please note to view these commissions you'll need to check my Pixiv*
* If you prefer your commission to not be viewed, please email at*

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